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3 Best CMS for Website Development and Designing

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Content Management System (CMS) is a group of Toolkit or Web Application that helps to developer or organization to easily create, edit, review and publish a Websites. Content Management Systems provide Graphical User Interface (GUI). CMS run using only a Web browser.

CMS have 2 components:-

  1. Content Management Application ( CMA )
  2. Content Delivery Application ( CDA )

Content Management Application (CMA) is a graphical user interface it allows to user or admin to control create, modify and remove of content from a Web Application (Website) without needing to know any kinds of languages likes HTML, CSS, JAVA Script.

Content Delivery Application (CDA) component provides Back-End services that support management and delivery of content which is created in the CMA.

Here top 3 Open Source (CMS):-

  1. WordPress
  2. Joomla
  3. Drupal

WordPress Development Services is a free and open source tool and a content management system (CMS), Latest Release of WordPress is 4.5.2 based on PHP for Web Development, in which MySQL for Database. Include plugin architecture and a template system.

Some Features of WordPress:-

  • User-friendly dashboard for managing content
  • Huge developer community with plenty of video and pdf, doc tutorials available.
  • Free & paid plugins and customize themes make it possible to create virtually any kind of site with WordPress.

Some Weaknesses Also:-

  • Can be overkill for basic sites.
  • A standard installation can have a buddle of security related bugs & very offensive vulnerable to attack without additional security measures.
  • No official support, outside of user another forums, where you may or may not get an official response about any query.

Joomla is also open source & free content management system (CMS). Latest Release of Joomla! 3.5 On 21 March 2016. That helps to Develop Web Applications (Website). Include its ease-of-use and extensibility.

Some Features of Joomla:-

  • User authentication can be done by Google, OpenID and LDAP etc.
  • 7000+ Extensions.
  • Very active user community and tons of documentation available.

Some Weaknesses Also:-

  • Back-end isn’t as user-friendly as some CMSs, though it’s still very usable.
  • Lack of high-quality themes as compared to some other CMSs.
  • Can be overkill for simple sites.

Drupal also open source free content management system (CMS) Application. Latest Release Drupal is 8. Anyone can download, install, work & customize on, and publish it with others. It’s built on rules or principles as like globalism, collaboration and innovation. Extend Drupal App with thousands of add-ons. Module its expand Drupal’s functionality.

Some Features of Drupal:-

  • Robust community support, including IRC channels and face-to-face meet-ups
  • 6,000+ modules, that why Drupal highly extensible
  • A huge number of companies/developer offering commercial/business support for Drupal.

Some Weaknesses Also:-

  • Can be overkill for simple sites.
  • A lack of really high-quality free and commercial/business themes.
  • Theming System is fairly complicated.

Conclusion: – After a study of all open source CMS. Web development is more reliable & helpful using of Content Management System. Lemosys Infotech offering responsive and creative Website Development services in India on running CMS Platform.