Have a Masjid Application on your IOS Phone?

Why you should Use Top 5 Masjid Applications?

Why you should Use Top 5 Masjid Applications? 850 400 Blog

Going to masjid to pray Allah is a normal trend for every Muslim. But, what if you are new to some place and don’t know about the masjid located nearby your area? It is sure that you need help from someone or somewhere to find the best Masjid nearby your area. You can make use of Masjid apps to cater your need for if you are one of the smart phone or iPhone owners. Using Masjid apps is the right way to search for the masjid in a few simple clicks. Along with the best masjid search, you can learn about the committees, services and various learning programs with an ease.

Here are top 5 masjid apps that help you find the best masjid near you:

Epic Masjid is a wonderful iOS application that identifies the nearest mosque by you. You can access important updates, prayer time, reminders, events, donation, live streaming and many more features through this mobile application. This mobile application is suitable for both iOS and android platforms. This can even help you get all your questions related to religion and prayers get answered in no time.

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Flint Islamic Center is an application that allows you to learn the way to read Quran with the help of programs, conducted for both youth and adults. Getting free updates and prayer time notifications is its added benefit if you download this application on your mobile phone. You can also watch videos, tutorials covering various sounds, letters and advanced reading too.

Whether you want to receive immediate updates and text notification, such as, E-id prayer, moon sighting about Ramadan, janazah alert or some urgent community issues, accessing Islamic Association of Carrollton is the right choice. All you need is to download this application and be benefited from its services.

Are you questing for remarkable religeous apps that help you register the nearest masjid in Rayleigh to you? If yes, then undoubtedly you should use Islamic Association of Rayleigh. Through this application, you can access other information as well, including prayers time, Islam religion and the true value of Quran. Scheduling your appointment online with the Imam of the Islamic Center of Raleigh prior to your visit is its added advantage.

Another useful application is Masjid Quba Edmonton. This application has added functionality of notification enhancements. Accessing this application lets you determine the timing for daily dua, adhan and Iqamah with an ease. In addition to the upcoming events in the masjid for your knowledge, this application is compatible with the iPod, iPhone and iPad touch.

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If you are one of the smart phone user, then what are you waiting for now? Download and install this application on your smart phone now and get benefits of it.