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Magento CMS
Top 5 Biggest Reasons Why You Should Choose Magento CMS For Ecommerce?
Top 5 Biggest Reasons Why You Should Choose Magento CMS For Ecommerce? 780 400 Blog

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP. It uses multiple other PHP frameworks such as Laminas and Symfony. Magento CMS source code is distributed under Open Software License v3.0. Most store owners prefer to build their online store or eCommerce websites on Magento because of its rich features, scalability, diversity, and flexibility.

Top global businesses developed on the Magento eCommerce CMS platform

  1. Nike, Helly Hansen, Liverpool FC, Paul Smith [Fashion]
  2. Ford, Landrover, Jaguar [Automotive]
  3. Coca Cola, Nestle Nespresso, Ahmad Tea [Food and Beverage]
  4. Vizio, Canon, HP Inc. [Electronics]
  5. Olympus [Optical & Healthcare]
  6. Cox & Cox [Homeware]

As you see, many tops & big business industries chose Magento CMS as the best E-Commerce platform to shape their websites. They belong to various industries from Automotive, Fashion, Food & Beverage, and Electronics. all seem to be very matched with Magento.

So, now let’s check, what are the reasons that stimulate these well-known global business enterprises to choose Magento CMS as the appropriate choice to serve millions of customers over the years? And also know what are the reasons that will drive you to pick up Magento among lots of other platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce & WooCommerce?

Magento eCommerce Platform Features and Advantages

  1. Open Source Platform
  2. Rich Features & High Scalability
  3. Advanced SEO & User-friendliness
  4. Multi Stores & Language Support
  5. Easy 3rd Party Integration [Extensions]

Hope that the “Top 5 Reasons” in the post might help you – every new store owner to take careful consideration and make the decisions to develop your eCommerce websites on the Magento CMS platform. It promises to bring you an interesting unique experience along with lots of benefits for your business with the awesome features.

Top 5 Awesome Ecommerce Store Developed in Magento Platform
Why Magento CMS for Developing E-commerce Website?
Why Magento CMS for Developing E-commerce Website? 850 400 Blog


Fortunately, the development of an e-commerce website is simplified through the right selection of e-commerce development CMS. There are various content management systems available for this type of development, read more

Best CMS for Website
3 Best CMS for Website Development and Designing
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Content Management System (CMS) is a group of Toolkit or Web Application that helps to developer or organization to easily create, edit, review, and publish a Websites. Content Management Systems provide Graphical User Interface (GUI). CMS runs using only a Web browser.

CMS has 2 components:-

  1. Content Management Application ( CMA )
  2. Content Delivery Application ( CDA )

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