Top Features of iOS 12

Unbelievable Features Of The Newest iOS 12 Version In 2018

Unbelievable Features Of The Newest iOS 12 Version In 2018 850 400 Blog

Probably, in the month of June 2018, Apple is going to launch the next version of iOS – iOS 12 with awesome new features.  The company is rumored to work on new features and functionalities for making iPhone users a little more mindful and less addictive with a handset.

This is the track down of 20 new features in iOS 12 version for iPhone and iPad-

1. Group video Chatting- iOS 12 would be featured with having chats and answer calls over Apple watch. It comes with a facetime conference call to support video group calls.

2. Augment Reality- Apple demonstrated augment reality feature in iOS 12 to assist in viewing a real-world object through the camera of the iPhone along with the flair of zooming-in/out of the objects.

3. Multiplayer AR Games- People can play multiplayer augmented reality games like Pokémon Go with one another.

4. Siri’s New Shortcut- Siri suggest shortcuts feature in the lock screen as well as search pane in iOS 12.

5. Auto Software Update- iOS 12 will have the option of automatic updates that automatically download the iOS software and install its software update.

6. Near Field Communication- Apple iPhone 12 might come with an indispensable chip inside it that enables NFC to use a whole range of functions.

7. New Animoji- iPhone 12 will be powered with face ID technology. It is one of the newest technologies equipped with face-tracking choices in iOS 12.

8. Swipe Up for Face ID- iPhone 12 users can continue to try Face ID unless and until it works. For this, Apple provides a swipe up feature in the latest iPhone version.

9. Emphasize on Digital Health- iOS 12 is introduced with the suite of tools to enhance the user’s digital health. It helps to block notifications, curb app usage and ease notification features.

10. Screen Time Widget- This will show the frequently used applications in one widget. Users can simply tap on the widget and jump into the settings of screen time etc.

11. Voice Memo- Voice memos in the latest version of the iPhone are redesigned and easy to use.

12. Reading Now- iBooks in the updated iPhone 12 get new design and choice of Reading now assist to pick up the page or line where a reader left off.

13. Do Not Disturb- iOS 12 is designed to limit the distractions, especially, when it is bedtime. When DND is activated, it won’t show notifications during preset hours of bedtime.

14. Better Portrait Lighting- Newer iPhones are equipped with dual cameras that have the capability to generate a mask of an individual. This gives a natural-looking image of a face.

15. Critical Alerts- There are a few tempting applications available in iOS 12 that break down the barrier of DND.

16. Silent Notification- This notification has the capability to migrate some notifications silently.

17. RAW Image Support- This new option in the upgraded version of iPhone assists users to import and manage the pictures in RAW format. The image editing option is also there.

18.  Multiple Keyword Searches to View Photo- An iPhone 12 user can do multiple keyword searches in photos and check the right snapshot in the photo gallery easily.

19. Autofill Security Code- Similar to Android phones, iOS 12 users can now be able to read the message that comes with a code and autofill it.

20. Password Sharing- Now, iPhone/iPad users can throw passwords from one iPhone/ iPad to Apple TV without the need to look on paper to remember a password.

It is perceptible that iOS 12 has all remarkable features to be used in mobile devices running on the iOS platform. If you are looking to buy a new iPhone and iPad, then wait for the time till the iOS 12 gets launched.  As in, once you buy iOS 12 featured iPhone or iPad, you will come to know how interesting and entertaining is it to make use of iOS 12 iPhones.

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