What Are The Newest Features In Laravel 8 For PHP Web Development?

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Among a good number of frameworks available for PHP development, Laravel is the most suitable PHP framework. Laravel framework has object-oriented and pre-installed libraries. Another reason that makes Laravel the first choice for PHP development is Model-View-Controller support. This ensures clarity amid several logic and presentations.

Besides, the version of the Laravel framework was updated a few days ago with updates in other web development technologies and coding servers. What’s dominant about such updates? Every update comes with some new features and added functionality to ease the way of doing work.

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  • Updated Landing Page – 

When you enter the homepage on a new install, the page displayed has had a facelift and is now built with Tailwind CSS. It comes in both light and dark versions. It ties to Laravel ‘s various SaaS goods as well as community pages.

  • Removed Controller’s Namespace Prefix – 

Laravel could have double prefixed your namespaces if you were using the callable syntax in your web.php route’s code. This property has been removed from Laravel 8, so you can import the controller classes to your routes file without any problems.

  • Route Caching – 

Laravel uses route caching to compile your routes in a PHP array that is more efficient to deal with. In Laravel 8, it’s possible to use this feature even if you have closures as actions to your routes. This should extend the usage of route caching for improved performance.

  • Queueable Anonymous Event Listeners – 

In Laravel 8, it is possible to create a queueable closure from anywhere in the code. This will create a queue of anonymous event listeners that will get executed in the background. This feature makes it easier to do this, while in previous versions of Laravel you would need to use an event class and an event listener 

  • Maintenance Mode

This is especially useful when you need to do some maintenance on your application and you want to take it down for your users but still let your developers investigate bugs. This will create a secret cookie that will be granted to whoever hits the correct endpoint, allowing it to use the application while in maintenance mode.

  • Job Batching

Modeled after the Sidekiq and Ruby library, job batching makes it easy to handle many jobs at the same time concurrently. It’s also easy to be notified when all jobs are complete, or when there’s an error in its execution. You can see more details on the PR that added this functionality.

  •  Model Factories

Model factories are class-based factories that add a lot of new features to Laravel 8. For each model, there’s also a factory class, where there is a definition method that says which attributes it will generate for that model. Your models make use of that factory through the Factory trait.

  • Laravel Jetstream

Laravel Jetstream is a brand new scaffolding for Laravel released as an open-source package. It builds an application using TailwindCSS and TailwindUI, including login, registration, two-factor authentication, session management. It offers two versions for handling frontend: Livewire (TALL Stack) or InertiaJS (VueJS)

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