PHP Framework Comparison- Codeignator VS Laravel

What Is The Difference Between CodeIgniter and Laravel PHP Framework?

What Is The Difference Between CodeIgniter and Laravel PHP Framework? 850 400 Blog

In 2022, the PHP-based frameworks CodeIgniter and Laravel are best known for the ultimate support in website development. Both these PHP frameworks are reliable, secure as well as faster for developing web applications. But, still, differences exist between the two.

Some differences between CodeIgniter and Laravel are given below-

  1. Support for Upgraded PHP Version- The latest PHP upgrade is version 7, It is true that both Laravel and CodeIgniter framework supports PHP 7. X. But, the programmers and testers of the CodeIgniter application face issues at the time of development and testing of a project.
  2. Technical Documentation- No framework can beat the well-organized and easy-to-understand documentation of CodeIgniter. The concepts used in developing and designing a website are clearly explained in the file. On the contrary, the Laravel framework has tough documentation.
  3. Libraries Usage- Laravel has object-oriented libraries, which are easy to use during effective website development. These libraries are supported by autocompleting feature. CodeIgniter libraries are not supported by such features for easy development.
  4. Stability and Reliability- CodeIgniter and Laravel both are stable as well as reliable PHP frameworks. It is depicted that the risks of bugs and other technical issues are very less in CodeIgniter as compared to Laravel.
  5. Community Support- Developers of Laravel and CodeIgniter get support for working on small-scale and large-scale website projects. But, the Laravel framework development community is wider.
  6. Modular Packages- Laravel works in the highlights of seclusion and it assists web developers to divide the task into little modules with the packages. And, CodeIgniter demands developers to keep up with modules by using a modular extension.
  7.  Streamlining of Database- Laravel gives emphasis on skeptic relocations making it less essential to share the database without complex coding. However, CodeIgniter gives no highlight for database pattern relocation.
  8. In-built Template Engine- CodeIgniter has an inbuilt template engine. This template engine is based on templating language. Also, learning this language for developers is easy. Laravel has a template engine called blade for optimizing web performance.
  9. HTTPS Support- HTTPS protocols transmit information in a secured manner. Laravel supports HTTPS routes and provides great security. However, CodeIgniter doesn’t support HTTPS completely.
  10. REST Application Programming Interface- Laravel provides RESTful controllers to develop different REST application programming interfaces without the need to put extra time and effort. With the CodeIgniter framework, users need to write additional code for building REST API.
  11. Output Caching- CodeIgniter comes with the benefits of output caching during CodeIgniter website development. In this framework, web pages are cached to reduce the loading time. Laravel also supports a unified API for various caching backend and it’s located in config/cache.php.
  12. Object Relation Mapping- Laravel utilizes eloquent as object relation. While CodeIgniter makes use of a modified version of a database pattern called active record to manage database operations with less coding.
  13. Authentication Feature- In Laravel, an authentication class is provided that helps developers to implement authorization and authentication. But, the users need to write a custom CodeIgniter extension to utilize authenticate and authorize features.
  14. Routing- Laravel, and CodeIgniter provide the option of PHP frameworks, the features enable developers to route the requests in an efficient manner. It only needs to be registered by a specific user to respond to multiple HTTP verbs.
  15. Security- For any kind of website application, security is a major concern. Laravel is featured with better authorization and authentication checks. It clears that Laravel is a more secure framework than CodeIgniter.

Well, the PHP developers still need to evaluate added features of Laravel and CodeIgniter according to the demands of business requirements. This would help them to select the perfect PHP framework for website development.

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