2018 Top PHP Development Tools

10 PHP Development Tools for Dedicated PHP Developers

10 PHP Development Tools for Dedicated PHP Developers 850 400 Blog

PHP is the programming language that shares around 80% of the market for web development. Using PHP web development tools, coding and programming a particular code becomes easy.  However, it is crucial to find the most suitable PHP development tools to improve the performance of website applications.

Below are pioneering 10 PHP web development tools given:-

1. NuSphere-

One of the best Custom Hypertext Preprocessor editor tools to develop a website is NuSphere. It helps to create websites using PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and also, Perl. Featured with high-tech functionality like debugger, editor, and profiler with the added benefit of MySQL, this tool is compatible with the latest versions of frameworks based on PHP.


PHP-CPP helps to develop Custom PHP extensions using a complete library available in it. It is easy to understand for web developers and use for website development. It also provides the advantages of using classes to develop native Hypertext Preprocessor extensions. Besides, developers are also allowed to add special behavior to classes.

3. Eclipse-

It is a widely used IDE for PHP web development. This integrated development environment supports Windows and Linux-like operating systems. It also comes with a collection of plugins that can help to extend as well as customize the IDE by the demands of projects. Eclipse editor offers the best services for any language platform.

4. PHPStorm-

The platform with a rich and updated set of features including a version control system and command-line tools is PHPStorm. PHPStorm is developed by JetBrains for more than 15 years to support PHP CMS and frameworks. This is the coolest platform allowing PHP website developers to work on several web technologies and even, relational databases.

5. PhpDesigner-

PhpDesigner has amazing features of code tip, code completion, Hypertext Preprocessor class support, and intelligent syntax highlighting features for writing high-quality code. Build website applications with the PhpDesigner tool and integrate the functionality of HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and JavaScript. , this type of PHP development tool supports different PHP and JavaScript frameworks.

6. Zend Studio-

Another popularly used Hypertext Preprocessor development tool for custom PHP development is Zend Studio. Roundabout 30K+ developers are utilizing this development tool to design and develop PHP websites. With the help of the Zend Studio tool, the developers can build a website having better performance and validation.

7. PhpED-

The PHP development tool that can support PHP versions 7. X or higher versions are none other than PhpED. This development tool enables coders and programmers to easily debug the code written in PHP remotely and locally. Furthermore, its refactoring and enhanced code completion capabilities separate it from other top tools.

8. Sublime Text-

Sublime Text is the robust text editor to code and mark up the website. Sublime Text is the only PHP development that comes with a custom UI toolkit. It is also featured with a specific key shortcut, which assists users to go on a particular line, symbol, and word. it’s mostly used development tools by a PHP development company in India.

9. Netbeans-

Other than supporting Java, Netbeans supports PHP language, its web frameworks, and CMS. Netbeans has a source code editor and a debugger that gives continuous integration. This IDE has all the essential features that make it reliable for multiple languages. In addition, Netbeans supports PHP version 7. X and higher.

10. Aptana Studio-

The development IDE that qualified PHP developers to love to use is Aptana Studio. Aptana Studio is a reliable platform due to distinctive features for web development along with full support to SQL and other databases. Hence, it can help the developer design and develop an appealing PHP website for business.

If you are a PHP developer or any business that wants to develop a website in PHP, you should consider these PHP development tools for better work. Seek Lemosys Infotech – the number one PHP development company in India offering services as per client needs and within the deadline.