SEO Trends of 2023 to Improve Your Results

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Improved Page Speed

While it seems like page speed is something that shows up in these SEO trends lists each year, there’s a good reason. Think about it for a minute. New Android and iPhone models come out every year, right? As do the latest tablets, laptops, and desktop computers, too.

Expanded User Experience

Let’s face it. Expanded user experiences are not necessarily a trend that will come and go as time passes. However, focusing on giving your site visitors the best possible impression when they’re on your page is growing as a driving force for search marketing.

Better Focus on User Intent

When discussing SEO trends for 2022, it is also vital to talk about increasing your website’s focus on user intent. While that might sound like a mouthful of jargon, it really comes down to this: people searching the web are looking for a very specific answer to a very specific issue, question, or problem.

More Evergreen Content

While it is a great idea to go back and refresh your existing content, let’s talk for a moment about adding more evergreen content. Both ideas go back to one core value — content is still king of the SEO trends, no matter what the year.

SEO Trends of 2023

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