How to Remove Personal Information From the Internet 

Personal Data Of The Internet

There is a good reason why you might want to erase yourself from the internet. Nowadays, companies hold all sorts of data on you, from your phone number to your home address to your email, date of birth, and gender. It can even extend beyond that to data on your relatives, past education, employment history, IP information, and shopping habits. 

Incognito is a service that removes your data from data broker databases without any hassle. Normally, you would have to approach data brokers one by one to ask for your information to be erased, and it's almost impossible to know where to begin to start looking. 

What Is Incogni?

How to Remove Your Data From the Web?

Manually approaching every data broker that has your information is daunting, and often impractical. Data is bought and sold many times, so it's difficult to know who now has your information. That's where Incogni steps in to handle all communications for you.

We are constantly using the web which means that data brokers can take your data over and over again. To combat this, Incogni offers a monthly or annual subscription plan as a way to provide ongoing support. 

Ongoing Data Protection With a Subscription

Incogni Stands Out From the Rest

Incogni has been developed by the same makers as Surfshark VPN, Alert, and Search, which means it has huge industry experience in cybersecurity. When dealing with sensitive data, it's important to choose a tool that is robust and trustworthy. 

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