Linux 6.0 Lands While Linus Teases Major Change in Next Version

Linux 6.0

The new version boosts support for Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm chips, but people are talking about the upcoming inclusion of Rust code. 

No Major Changes, But "Core New Things" on the Horizon

While the version number would imply a major change in other software projects, Linus Torvalds said that it's mostly about just keeping version numbers manageable in a message to the Linux Kernel Mailing List, the main hub of kernel development. 

What's New in Version 6.0?

Despite Torvalds downplaying the significance of the major version number, there are some substantial changes for hardware support. The new version improves support for Intel Xeon Ice Lake and AMD Ryzen Ice Ripper and EPYC processors, according to Phoronix. 

Rust Code Coming to Linux Kernel

Linus teased one of the most-anticipated changes to the kernel in its 31-year lifespan. Version 6.1 will have some code written in Rust. Until now, kernel code has been written in C. C has been the go-to language for system programming for being high-level but still close to the hardware. 

Linux Kernel Marches On

The Linux kernel has long been known for its breakneck development pace. Users eager to try out the new kernel will often have no choice but to compile it themselves before distro maintainers catch up. Compiling a kernel is easy with the right knowledge, and has been a rite of passage for dedicated Linux fans. 

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