Know Latest Features of Wordpress 4.9.6

Why Upgrade Website with the Up-to-date WordPress Version 4.9.6?

Why Upgrade Website with the Up-to-date WordPress Version 4.9.6? 850 400 Blog

WordPress is persistently being enhanced day-by-day and its installation should also be upgraded as often as possible. From this May 2018, WordPress 4.9.6 is also available, which is a privacy and maintenance release.

Let have a look to know that WordPress websites should be upgrades in the latest version WordPress 4.9.6-

  • Many Privacy Features-

In WordPress 4.9.6, several privacy features are added. This helps WordPress site owners to upgrade their site and take advantage of it. As in, the privacy features allow site owners more accessibility to collect, use and share the personal data. However, WordPress site owners need to follow certain national and international privacy rules and regulations.

  • Data Handling Tool-

It is one of the biggest upgrades to handle the export and erasure of data on the WordPress website. With data handling tools, data export can easily be done that allows site owners to export a zip file (contains personal data of user). Besides, data erasure option to erase the personal data of users.

  • Compatibility with Plugins-

Every time WordPress version is updated, it brings more compatibility with the use of new plugins. After a major release of WordPress 4.9.6, many WP plugins will be updated to assure compatibility with this new WP version. In addition, a recent release of WP comes with the features of the privacy policy page for site owners and included big improvements in site accessibility.

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  • Coolest New Features-

Each WordPress release right from WordPress 4.0 to WordPress 4.6.9, cool features are introduced and some changes are made to the software. It is likely that WordPress 4.0 updated with an experience of plugin install, inline image editing in 4.1, faster update of a plugin in 4.2 and so on.

  • More Security Option

Similar to other open-source software, the details of the WordPress upgrades are made public. To prevent website in WordPress from being hacked by malicious content, it should always be updated to the latest version. And, when the WordPress site is updated, the hackers and malicious code distributors wouldn’t be able to search the website. Also, security vulnerabilities can be spotted as well as handled easily.

  • Better Performance-

Speed of a WordPress based website is a huge factor to be benefited with a good number of better performance advantages. WordPress’s new release 4.9.6 is featured with the functionalities that help in improving the performance of a website. This most up-to-minute update of WP works on increasing the website speed.

  • Maintenance and Support-

You should be aware of the fact that 95+ updates are already done in WP 4.9.6 since its release date.  Some of these updates include mine filter in the media library, PHP polyfills are added for forwards compatibility and exact variable validation too.

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