Rank Website by Top WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress is considered a 99% SEO-friendly content management system for web development. However, SEO plugins in WordPress can help to enhance tons of organic traffic from the search engine.

Below are the top 15 WordPress SEO plugins to improve ranking –

  1. Yoast SEO Plugin- With many downloads; Yoast SEO Plugin is widely used in WordPress. This plugin offers many features to optimize a website. Its key highlight is the feature of an on-page analysis and optimization setting panel to manage each element such as meta tags, sitemap, robots file, and more.
  2. All in One SEO Pack- This is a kind of WP plugin offering all the essential features to create an SEO-friendly WordPress site. Using this plugin, a user doesn’t need to do custom settings to optimize a website.
  3. WP Meta SEO- To keep updated on the SEO status with the extraordinary dashboard, WP Meta SEO is an easy-to-use plugin. It is featured with a bulk editing option to solve the issues of website meta tags.
  4. Premium SEO Pack- It is a plugin that helps people make more money. Its highlight is the minification tool that makes a website render a quick experience to users. Premium SEO pack has the capability to handle 301 redirections for a website.
  5. W3 Total Cache- Now, one can improve the website performance in minutes with the use of W3 Total Cache. It is the best plugin to reduce the downtime of a website. But, it needs a WordPress version either 3.2 or higher.
  6. SEO Ultimate-Another great SEO plugin in WordPress is SEO Ultimate. It gives complete control over different aspects including but not limited to meta titles, meta descriptions, rich snippets, auto-linking, open graphs, and much more.
  7. SEO By SQUIRRELY- Creating content is not tough with the help of SEO by SQUIRRELY. It shows green for 100% SEO-friendly content. It assists in doing weekly audits and keyword research to get more traffic.

6 Essential Tools for SEO

  1. SEO Friendly Images- Another top-rated plugin that is booming this year is SEO Friendly Images. It optimizes images on Google image search, just it needs the usage of ALT tags and title attributes.
  2. All In One Schema Rich Snippets- Build an awesome website with rich snippets. One of the distinguished plugins is to increase CTR in search engines like Google is All In One Schema Rich Snippets. It adds markups and stars to the post for better visibility.
  3. SEMrush- Get insights into a website using the most suitable tool known as SEMrush. It gives the right information to competitors to beat the competition and create a productive business. This can provide a huge return on investment.
  4. The SEO Framework- Other free WordPress SEO plugin offers automatic SEO solution that uses features to make website search engine friendly. It creates a canonical URL to prevent duplication of content with the help of full domain mapping.
  5. Broken Link Checker- This plugin can detect broken links and send easy notifications. This is how; Broken Link Checker can help to edit the broken links. It assists to monitor the links in comments, pages, posts, blog roll, and custom fields too.
  6. Pretty Link Lite- Make pretty and cloak links with ease by using Pretty Link Lite. Pretty can replace keywords to improve the search engine optimization of a website. You can also create 3-4 character slugs on a random basis for your URL.
  7. WP SEO HTML Sitemap- This WordPress SEO plugin has the power to use sitemap XML settings from common WP plugins such as Yoast. It has features to allow users to show the number of columns to be displayed, and the best thing is that columns come with a masonry effect.         
  8. Simple 301 Redirects- Redirect requests to other pages easily with the help of Simple 301 Redirects. It enables WordPress site owners to set up 301 redirects in order to pass the inbound links with the page rank.

Well, you can use any of the WordPress SEO Plugins among these numbers. You can take help from the SEO experts for better results. Seek Lemosys Infotech to hire experienced SEO analysts and avail of search engine optimization services. They work to elevate brand awareness online and drive maximum traffic.