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What Are The Newest Features In Laravel 5.5 For PHP Web Development?

What Are The Newest Features In Laravel 5.5 For PHP Web Development? 850 400 Blog

Among a good number of frameworks available for PHP development, Laravel is the most suitable PHP framework. Laravel framework has object-oriented and pre-installed libraries. Another reason that makes Laravel the first choice for PHP development is Model-View-Controller support. This ensures clarity amid several logics and presentation.

Besides, the version of Laravel framework updates in a few months along with the updates in other web technologies and coding server. What’s dominant about such updates? Every update comes with some new features and added functionality to ease the way of doing work.

Some of the new features of Laravel 5.5 are mentioned below-

  • Collection dumping-

Collection dumping is the debugging feature that makes to debug the code easier than before. Because, when a code is written, it is difficult to know what is going in each step. But, with the update in Laravel 5.5, the developers have a novice choice to dump and die that code. It shows the result instantly and after which continue the processing.

  • Exception rendering-

In Laravel 5.5 version, the web developer can simply throw the exception to get immediate response. Now, it gives response without the need of additional logic in the handler. While, the web developer has to add a check to exception handler and call render method to get a response in the earlier versions.

  • Responsible interface-

Another beneficial feature in Laravel 5.5 latest version is responsible interface. A class that implements interface can be returned from controller method and then the router checks for an instance of the responsible interface. Additionally, the responsible interface automatically responds with JSON when requested through AJAX.

  • Whoops package-

Whoops package helps to give elegant stack traces for the irritating moments when it comes to debug the code. These packages are easy to install and support stack-based error handling. It has its stand-alone libraries without any dependencies. Also, it has simple application programming interface to deal with the trace frames, exceptions and their data as well.

  • Request validation method-

Now, with the recent update in Laravel 5.5, the website developers are allowed to call validate method on the request object. And, it only returns the validate keys which is stupendous convention to use.

  • The RefreshDatabase Trait-

This feature lets developers to migrate database during the test process. It make use of optimal approach to migrate test database depending on the type of database, the developer is using.

Apart from this, whenever any web application is created, the security and confidentiality is most important aspect. Laravel takes the best care of such particulars within its framework through hashed and salted passwords.

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