Full Stack and Mean Stack

Difference between Full Stack Developer and MEAN Stack Developer

Difference between Full Stack Developer and MEAN Stack Developer 800 400 Blog

What is Web Development?

Web Development refers to designing or developing websites or web applications for organizations, mobiles, personal reasons, and many more. Web Development is divided into two components as follows:

  • Frontend Web Development
  • Backend Web Development

In this article, we will discuss why to choose a full stack and why to choose a mean stack and the reasons to become a full stack and mean stack. Scroll down to learn more.

Why choose Full Stack?

Full-stack development is a process that can handle both sides of a development project, which are the front end & the back end. As a full-stack developer, you can handle servers, databases, & as well as clients. There are different types of stacks, and it depends on the project’s requirements as to which one your use.

The pre-requisites for full stack developer:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript, Angular JS, or Vue
  • PHP, ASP, Python, Node.js
  • Program a database like MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB

There are some major responsibilities Full Stack Development has to perform in companies around the world. Let’s check it.

  • Full Stack Development builds a complete web application from scratch without any gap in the development process.
  • They have a good idea of the complete design structure and handle any level of the development process according to the requirements.
  • For them, it is easy to progress with advanced tools and technologies faster.
  • Full Stack Development focus on problems and solutions and is capable of fixing them easily way.

Pros of Full-stack development:

  • In a development project, you can master all the techniques involved.
  • Making a prototype is rapidly very good.
  • It provides help to each of your team members.
  • We can reduce the cost of the project.
  • We can reduce the time used for your team member’s communication.
  • We can switch both front-end and back-end development based on their requirements.
  • We can also understand the upcoming technologies and the aspects of new techniques.

Cons of Full-stack development :

  • In the project, the choice of solution can be wrong.
  • It can be dependent on development skills as the chosen solution.
  • A key-person risk can be held by the solution.

Why choose MEAN Stack?

MEAN Stack provides new features in web development applications. For example, traditional website applications would require refreshing the website page. MEAN Stack heavily uses single-page applications which reduce refreshing website pages. Therefore making it more popular among businesses and developers In other words, it can be defined as a full-fledged JavaScript framework. As noted, MEAN Stack is a mixture of open-source frameworks such as MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS, which helps design mobile apps and websites with ease. An IT professional who works on a group of JavaScript technologies to develop web applications is called a MEAN stack developer. 

MEAN refers to 

  • M for MongoDB (NoSQL database)
  • E for Express (a backend web application framework for Node.js)
  • A for Angular (JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework to develop single-page applications front-end framework)
  • N for Node.js (an open source, cross-platform run-time environment for developing server-side and network applications)

Here are some of the benefits of MEAN Stack Development.

  • It wraps a complete web development cycle, from front-end development to back-end development, by using a set of JavaScript libraries.
  • To control the website development process smoothly, it supports the Model-View-Control (MVC) architecture.
  • It comes up with a comprehensive built-in suite of testing tools.
  • It helps clear unnecessary bugs in the development process and keeps the application well-organized.

Pros of Mean Stack Development:

  • It helps in developing websites/apps faster and simpler.
  • This uses only one uniform language which is used for stack development.
  • It helps in developing applications on a rapid base.
  • It uses very low memory as overhead.
  • It organizes the whole application.
  • It helps to avoid unnecessary groundwork.
  • Its Mongo DataBase is used for cloud storage.

Cons of Mean Stack Development:

  • It is not best for large-scale applications.
  • It has no specific JavaScript program coding guidelines.
  • It is hard to go back to approach the old data when you already developed the website using Mean Stack technology.
  • In business logic, it gives poor isolation from the server.
  • It loses record and doesn’t have backup facilities.
An IT professional who works on a collection of JavaScript technologies to develop web applications is called a MEAN stack developer where MEAN refers to MongoDB, Expressjs, AngularJs, and NodeJS.An IT professional who works on the development of both server-side and client-side software is called a full stack developer who requires knowledge of a set of technologies.
MEAN stack development is a set of four full-stack technologies that can be used to make a full-stack application. It is an integral part of full-stack development.A full-stack developer knows all the web development frameworks, technologies, and programming languages required to develop a fully functional website.
In this, developers are widely facilitated to use the Angular front-end framework.In this, developers can use any front-end technologies from many front-end development frameworks.
In this, developers are enabled node.js to write server-side code in JavaScript.But in this, developers are enabled to take benefits of robust server-side programming language.
There is only one database i.e Mongo DB.In this, developers work with a lot of databases like MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.
In these development enterprises, it simulates full-stack development by writing both sides of programming code in JavaScript.In these development enterprises, we can get the front-end and the back-end at the same time.
MEAN stack generally refers to a full-stack development framework.Full-stack generally refers to a full-stack development process based on the mentioned technologies.


Full Stack and Mean Stack Feature-Based Comparison In a full stack, the developers know multiple languages and are versatile to work with any language but in a mean stack, they stick to a particular language or framework which does not make the mean stack developer a versatile developer.

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