Which one is the best Magento or Shopify?

Which One Is The Best For Ecommerce Development? Magento or Shopify?

Which One Is The Best For Ecommerce Development? Magento or Shopify? 850 400 Blog

The eCommerce industry in India has confronted major exponential growth over a few decades. The eCommerce development trend has continued and is expected to be valued at $90 billion by the end of the year 2020. This makes eCommerce website development crucial for every startup and big business to put a claim in e-commerce and act quickly. It is seen that e-commerce websites are rising day by day to get the flourishing business off the ground.

And, the eCommerce website development is inexpensive and allows businesses to present their offers, products, and services to customers online. Now, the need is to find a trusted e-commerce solution for e-commerce store development. The two best solutions are Magento and Shopify development. Both eCommerce platforms are great in their own ways. But, it is preferred to choose the Magento platform over Shopify for the unique creation of an online store. These are the reasons-

1. Magento and Release –

At first, Magento was released as Magento CE 1.1 on March 31, 2008, which was essentially written in hypertext preprocessor language. Owned by renowned retail water-ox eBay, Magento comes into a role to raise user engagement, improve conversion rates and generate high revenues for the owners of the online store. Currently, the latest Magento version is Magento 2.2.4. Now, Magento has almost 40% share in website development due to diversified features and powerful capabilities to provide business visitors with an exceptional shopping experience.

2. Online Store Functionality –

Magento platform has all store functionalities needed to develop a wonderful e-store. These functionalities are actually powerful and can be maintained for a long time. It is quite easier to set up Magento than any other eCommerce shopping platform like Shopify.

3. Easy Development Process –

Magento eCommerce platform is feature-rich and if you hire certified Magento developers in India, you can have a well-developed Magento website in a few days. And, it is the best pick for startups and small business owners to develop a business-oriented website due to the huge versatility of the Magento interface.

4. Availability of Themes and Templates –

It is great to hear that the Magento community provides Magento developers with hundreds of choice themes to give your online store an appealing look and feel. If discussions the paid and premium themes for both Magento and Shopify, it is expected that the premium themes in Shopify development start at $90-95 while, Magento paid themes to start at a few $1 costs.

5. Add-ons and Applications –

      Using Magento is a strong advantage for developing an e-store. With more than 500-600 add-ons and applications, Magento helps to enhance the store in diverse manners. Free as well as paid add-ons and applications are available on both e-commerce platforms.

6. Best Multi-lingual Capabilities –

     When comparing Magento and Shopify, it is found that Shopify doesn’t provide any multi-lingual support for website development and improving its features. However, Magento has multi-lingual capabilities that help Magento developers in India can create fully multi-lingual online stores.

7. Best Inventory Management –

The community of Magento renders an unlimited number of items to be added and sold by your online store. While, in other e-commerce platforms including, but not limited to Shopify, the user need to take a starter plan restricting him/her to the utmost 25 shop items.

8. Cost Factor –

The monthly price of using Magento services costs almost less than the Shopify price. For using the services of the Shopify platform, the user needs to pay from $9 to $270. While a Magento user requires to pay for their own hosting service which ranges from $5-$100.

If you are new to e-commerce development and confused about choosing the best solution for your business, we believe the above points would help you to get the right direction for development. Or, otherwise, you can also consult with us. We are the growing eCommerce development company in India that offers high-end solutions at a very low budget.